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Quick Indian Politic Reflection!

This page will have Quick INDIAN Politic REFLECTION, started later 2012 and will go till the 2014 (or earlier) national elections...

08/10/2012: Recycled words (the Prime Minister follows with speeches what one of his illustrious predecessors, Sri. Morarji Desai did with water, recycle it!)
Hitting out against the perception... “the most corrupt government,” Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Wednesday appealed ...the media to factor in the “world of uncertainty...we must create in this country an environment in which governments, Ministers and civil servants will not be discouraged from taking decisions in the national interest when all facts are not known, ... will never be known.”

o.k., it is not Wednesday, but, it is an old speech and most likely will be recycled in a few days if Vadra fever for media doesn't die down meanwhile.

07/10/2012: The privileges of being in the first family Mr. Vadra
Mr. Vadra, this afternoon has said, “My business transactions are fully reflected in financial statements filed before appropriate government authorities in compliance with the law. They are available in the public domain to anyone interested in knowing the truth.”
The problem is not with you Mr. Vadra, most business people in India have all kinds of dealings (ask several allies of Congress to know more), but, you being part of a family that reigns over a government that reigns over the country in the most corrupt manner is the problem. 

07/10/2012: Lallu defines a Politician
"Doesn't Vadra already own wealth and property? What can you do if for example I give my house to you? Kejriwal and his aides are all useless people who are spreading such reports. Can one become a politician by just by wearing a Gandhi cap,” said Lalu. 
Ofcourse he should know - you need dozen of children, wife and her relatives, buffaloes, chamchas and a consistent record of not performing, scams and casual alliances to make it, don't you know Lallu-ji. 

07/10/2012: Vadra-gate Hara-Kiri
Cong-man, Manish Tewari asks, "An inquiry into what? Is a business transaction between two private entities duly reported to the statutory authorities illegal? Is it a crime?"

Soon, he will eat his words when any remaining people with integrity and self-respect in his party one by one will move over to Kejriwal. 

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