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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Banning of Books, Blogs...

Banning of Books, Movies, Blogs...(continued from a post in the Chennai Times Blog) -
I think the larger question perhaps that begs attention is whether there is a real possibility for any Indian body to regulate any medium of communication – be it movie, publication or broadcasting. I am not at all sure about publication…the stupid act of the government in banning some blogs is an example. In tamilnadu you can walk into a large book stall in Madurai and pick up some of the most repulsive, hate filled, provocative, published literature in the name of leftist view and dalit movement view and tamil separatist movement publication. I have in many occasions come across cartoons and writings that would be considered seditious in other societies, but, thankfully these are published and consumed in a locality and hence not even known widely outside the area and hence escape any kind of censorship.

This could be true for other parts of India also. I am sure much is published in vernacular press that our Delhi and Chennai babus and hi-flying mantris are not even aware exist. To ban a blog as anti-national in a country where only reportedly 10% use the web and which probably a minority write blogs and even less a minority read others’ blogs is the most unimaginative move. Just goes to show how much of our government lives on-line and how fast they want to mimic the American government. That a supposedly religiously insensitive movie and hence banned movie could be running in theatres and nothing happens is proof enough that regardless of what the netas and babus think, people have their own mind and treat a movie the way it ought to be treated. Period.

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