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Thursday, December 28, 2006

More on the Cola Fight!! Now a Swami joins the fight too!!!

The latest attack on fizzy drinks comes from yoga guru Baba Ramdev who said on Wednesday that soft drinks should be treated as toilet cleaners and advised Indians to drink only fruit juice and milk to keep diseases away.

While teaching yoga to hundreds of people at the Science College ground in Raipur, Ramdev told news agency IANS, "Take hot water, milk or traditional Indian juice and practice yoga everyday early morning rather than consuming cold drinks”.

"Cold drinks have no place in our society, they are basically toilet cleaners. You must get over this Western fast food and cold drinks culture,” he added.

If the mainstream media tried to side-line the CSE report as 'environmental activists' targeting a global corporate and the US embassy gave veiled threats of dangers on FDI,etc. there was a doctor from Punjab who went public apart from a few politicians, now it is the turn of a Yoga Guru to join the anti-Cola statement.

Of course, the communists will not like him saying these things, but, hope they will not be giving up the fight because he too is against these cola giants. Meanwhile, college campuses and universities in other parts of the country continue to sell the toilet cleaner to their students, thereby earning valuable FDI for the country!!

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