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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Farmer Suicide: A shame like no other

Away from this land of slavery, my Lord, let my farmers die!

A nation where the mainstay occupation is eroded by design,

and there is no alternative left for those displaced!

A nation where the food production for the majority is still by a ‘unorganized’ lot

And yet ‘food security’ discourse never engages them!

A nation where the knowledge of ‘farmers’ of five thousand years

Can be subsumed, nay usurped, by a science of four decades (biotechnology)

A government that facilitates its children to become labourers to far off nations

While lakhs of farm labourers are ‘union-ed’ and ‘emancipated’ into unemployment

An ‘urban’ society that lives a make believe ‘jungle’ alien way of life and claims

Itself as ‘civil society’, neither knows civil nor patient to form a society;

A nation state that in a million podium every day quenches its thirst from its own water,

Bottled, labeled and paid for to corporates of other nations, yet too proud to call itself a ‘benevolent master’, nor dare to proclaim that it is an ‘obedient slave’,

A nation of a million free seeds that willingly enslaves its seeds, its seed keepers and their families in foreign lands, using foreign language for purposes that they never understand;

Where the land that produces in bountiful can be gagged, water that provides life can be leashed, soil assassinated and the very life force drowned,

Where farmer’s knowledge that gave them freedom can be commercialized without their consent and their aspirations trampled under the hoof an onward marching army of marketing aliens

Relieve the farmer from this hell of a nation, my lord, let there be more farmer suicides.

My Lord, Grant more farmers freedom from this country through suicides, Grant them the wisdom to understand the meaning of their act and strength to their families to withstand the same.

--- Yaro

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