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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Another travel photo blog: देल्ही and गोवा!

Since the last time I put up a few pictures on हैदराबाद as a photo blog, decided that once in awhile share some of the photograph based content on a few issues I can share! Combined with the fact that Google now provides हिंदी text, nice ocassion to test out the feature!!

Last week in Delhi, a good friend invited me to the thanks giving function of the Mirambika Progressive School in the Aurobindo Ashram campus. Amazing place! The school situated in the beautiful campus has 8 section (grades) for the child's progress. Emphasis is placed on growing within as much as knowing from the without. The child evolves as she grows from one grade to the other. There are no exams, competitive marks or grading during the course. Children learn by doing things as well as by interaction with the sisters in the ashram. An interesting observation from the friend was that, in this kind of learning, the parents too learn to evolve with the children! They learn many things afresh!!

Anyway it was nice to see on the thanks giving day so many parents (considering the fact that the number of children enrolled each year is limited to 20, which in a sense makes it exclusive) had congregated, most of them seemed to not only know the staff but each other (I suppose quite a few were from the IIT across the road from the Ashram) and many had prepared food from home to be shared apart from whatever food was served at the school as part of the festivities। This congregation is one of the last days for the current academic year and they all get together to learn and celebrate। There were stall where children produced toys with clays, tie-and-dye work, paintings, paper models, etc. an ex-Prof. was holding court in one corner over a cup of tea as to how children can teach us mathematics better! I enjoyed

If you are in पंजिम in गोवा and would like to taste some Goan sweets, Mr. Baker is the place to go, I have been assured. Had an opportunity to try them out while there recently, learnt that this old elegant bakery was started in 1922 (as the giant clock behind the counter says),with its old wooden decor and very warm and friendly owner really gives an experience of another age and time. I tried their apple pie, dodul and b____ (never get the names of Goan dishes or places), and found myself agreeing with the locals about the place. The old lady in the shop realized that I was seriously trying out things, recommended what to have and separately packed me a dinner, breakfast for the next morning and some sweets to be carried home after a few days and all the times mindful of the fact that I didn't spend too much yet got the taste of their best! Now that is hospitality!

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