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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Nandigram: What actually happened???

The influential English media which to a large extent is controlled by the left wing and people sympathetic to it has tried to centralize and objectivize what happened in Nandigram. The local media has finally made available some details, please checkup the Calcuttaweb ( for some of the worst details of the carnage:

"...Bands of CPM goons aided by platoons of Eastern Frontier Rifles and Commando forces were entering every village and paras [mahallas]. They brought the men out of home, they took no prisoners, no witnesses, they shot them, bayoneted them, ripped apart their stomachs and then laid them down the canal to the sea and confluence. They then brought out the young girls, gathered them in open space, raped them multiple times till the girls collapsed, they then tore their limbs, in some cases cut them to pieces and let them down the Haldi river and/or Talpati canal. They made sure that there were no witnesses. And even if there were some, they know that the young girls in traditional Medinipur would never come out to say what really happened and who will believe...."
I may be excused (and hopefully not clubbed as a right-winger) for remember Gujarat riots? Gujarat could be blamed on communal fanatics, what was this battle for at Nandigram? Reformed Communists wanting to become the new age Capitalists and butchering their people for that purpose? Reformed Communist fanatics?

In fact, since the carnage at Nandigram, more and more of the kind of 'admirable' rule by the CPI-M in W.Bengal largely through their goons is coming to light. Vir Sanghvi writing in the Hindustan Times a few days back writes about how the supposedly peaceful rule of W. Bengal was maintained by the iron fisted rule where the cadres maintained the law and order by being the law. He starts with a very pertinent question, "why is it that Bengalis all over the world are becoming prosperous whereas the bengalis in their home land despite having the longest single rule in the country remain poor and backward", that is an interesting question to ponder.

The role of english media is once again is to be questioned in this case. The sheer volume of the demand for Modi's resignations that came immediately after the Gujarat carnage and the willingness to cooperate line that is being adopted by the english media is adequate evidence that the left has been effective in silencing any kind of independent inquiry or understanding. I have heard it repeatedly that the English media in India is managed by different regional groups at different times and currently this is completely ruled by Bengalis. If this be true, it explains the attitude of the media on this issue.

Pray for Nandigram (or do something, sign a petition available, share this information with as many people as possible, amke others sign petition too) and all the other untold stories that are the victims of the SEZ, a greedy and unrealistic policy being promoted by a government that has no authority over how the projects will be implemented and is willing to allow the state governments to decide and manage the 'local' issues any which way they want to manage it. The entire SEZ initiative needs to be questioned and put on hold until there is clarity on who actually benefits.

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