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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Follow-up: Cricket banned in Haryana villages

As a feedback to my earlier post on this issue, someone suggested that it will be good for cricket and the nation (particularly youth) if it were banned on television! Wanted to know whether others agree. I have created a poll on this, please care to take some time to go online to the blog site and submit your opinion.

Please forward this poll to others to generate some debate, if you want additional make additional points, just click comment on the blog.

1 comment:

Sathya said...

Well, this is what i like to share
1) Every body makes money of it. To name few, The BCCI the richest board, All Associations, The TV channels, All connected with TV, Cricketers, Their sponsors etc..Everybody makes money out it...
2) One person is loosing is... you and me who are watching it. Its just because of us everyone makes money of it.
3) Is this game is played for you? I dont think so? This is not the team of India. IT IS THE TEAM OF BCCI and with ZEETV IT would be one more league and many more to come. Everybody is there to make money out of you.
4) It is played,administered, managed by the person with vested interests
5) Earlier in my child hood days, when india loosing a match, and when my friends were happy about it, i called them as "you guys are not patriots".. Now i dont think, it has anything to do with patriotism.As this is not the team of India
6) Finally i may approve seeing a TV match like any other serial or mega serial. It could be treated that way. Say "chitti, Annamalai or like Mr.Bean".We should see that as a great entertainment. .
Its a 24 * 7 hour entertainment. We should be aware that we are watching a show. :)

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