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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

De-Classified CIA documents on Communist Party of India

A few years back I remember reading a column by an ex-Communist party member who questioned the patriotic credentials of the communist parties in India and who had chronicled (there was a reference to a book, I have since then lost the article, anyone who knows more on this can shed light) their biased behaviour particularly during the freedom struggle. Certain facts that shocked on me included how the Communists wanted Independence being granted to India to be withheld for some time as Russia was still recovering from the War!

Of course all of are aware that though the grass root communist movement representing people often fights for the local issues, the national level party seems best suited to be in the opposition, as their protests are always louder than their positive contributions. While the 30 years of the Communist rule in Bengal is being celebrated, here is some news that might upset the celebrations. The recently de-classified documents from the CIA archives apparently contain the following revelations. They have been brought to light by a right of center blogger group from India and a detailed article on this issue is available here :

"HK Surjeet influenced by Russia to setup an underground organization

CPI did proceed to recruit a secret organization within the Indian Army

China Russia insisted that the CPI must develop a standby apparatus capable of armed resistance, while intensifying penetration of Indian Military forces.

With the PLA now present along the Indian Border the Indian Party had a channel of support for Armed Operations and a potential liberator in the event of mass uprisings - 13 Sept 1959

4 powerful radio sets had been installed in the office of the China Review in Calcutta to listen to broadcasts from Peking

Chinese Financial Subsidies to sections of the CPI particularly the left faction strongholds in West Bengal

a foreign supply base was now available for the underground organizations with Chinese occupation of Tibet and other frontier areas

letter asking for collaboration in Indian underground organization work aimed at an eventual revolution, because China has a border with India and can provide arms and supplies

Also Jaipal Singh, head of the illegal organization within the Indian Army decided to reactivate his organization in May 1961 following the hard left faction gaining control of the party"

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whiz said...

With Communists wanting poor to be poor and anti-development, I think its time to launch a similar movement to McCarthism to clean up Indian politics of Communists. Unless every one in the society contribute equally, Communism is not meaningful. Even the communists don't follow this so why should they preach this. Lets unite and start a Quit India movement against the Communists.

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