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Friday, August 24, 2007

Understanding Nuclear Energy and Weapons

Further Reading on the Nuclear Energy Issue:
1. 'Say No to US-Indo Nuclear Deal', 'this weakens the global resolve on NPT and sets a bad precedence for other countries' -
2. An Australian point of view, 'it is all about US, Japan, Australia trying to rope in India so as to contain China, this entire deal is a strategy for the US against China and for India, an acceptance as a significant player in global politics' -
3. Weapons of Mass Destruction (where are Nuclear Weapons across the World), trust Greenpeace to come up something as innovative as this -
4. Nuclear Waste – A global problem with only one answer: Stop producing it!, How Market is rigged in favour of Nuclear Subsidies - both articles in the website,
5. A Background Paper on why Nuclear Energy is not the Solution for the future -
6. Nuclear Power - not worth the risk, based on the UK experience -
7. A Passionate Pleading by Toshiyuki Toyoda, a nuclear physicist -No to nuclear energy,

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