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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

what does the lopsided development do...

An interesting news item below:

Around noon, the officials stopped a high-end black Mercedes that was going above 120 km per hour, well above the permissible 80 kmph limit. The moment officials confronted the car’s uniformed driver, a well-dressed middle-aged woman coolly asked the officer what the amount she had to pay as fine was. The cops told her that the penalty was Rs500. She took out two crisp notes of Rs500 denomination and handed them over to the officer. She said, ‘One note for this offence, the second is for the next one which I will be committing after you let me go.”

While the cop was writing down the receipt, the lady in the back seat lowered the window glass and said, “By the way, I did not buy this Mercedes to drive at 80 kmph on the super Expressway.” In a flash, the Mercedes was out of sight, roaring down the road to Pune at a high speed.

Even as the bewildered cops were busy discussing the woman’s attitude, another group of officers stopped a Skoda Octavia, which apparently was going at 150 kmph. A tall, young man came out of the silver car and wanted to know the reason for him being stopped. On being told that he was speeding, the man burst into a hearty laughter. “High speed, are you kidding me? I am from the United States. Over there, we drive at 120 mile per hour. Your 150 km per hour is nothing compared to that,” he bellowed.

Source: Just Samachar - Read the full story by clicking the link

The lopsided development in this country means that people can afford Merc and drive at high speeds with no reverence for the law of the land and if the law objects, it can easily be bought over. The exposure to foreign lands and its culture combined with affluence and an unwritten agreement that the foreign land is better means that any regulation that is different from that can be dismissed off. Both are clearly seen in this news report.

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