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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

small minds and their strategic significance in a global game...

Karl Marx, and it is ironic that I quote him now, had said about India: '...we must not forget that these idyllic village communities, inoffensive though they may appear, had always been the foundation of Oriental despotism, that they restrained the human mind within the smallest possible compass, ... enslaving it beneath traditional rules, depriving it of all grandeur and historical energies. …' (article on British Rule in India), Marx a sincere modern western thinker seems to have got it better than his contemporary followers, Com. Karat & Co.,
Ultimately it is the economic benefit from some of the industries that will benefit from the Nuclear deal (for whom this is a small change investment) and ability to settle scores in their small town rivalries will ensure that the UPA manages the adequate numbers for the global game of nuclear comeuppance. The internationally experienced PM who during this tenure 'invited' the British to India again promising a better reception that what Robert Clive & Co., got has done what RC&Co mastered best, using small time rivalries of small people to gain political mileage. It is Amar Singh Vs. all those who humiliated him, Mulayam Singh Vs. Mayawati, Ambani Vs. Ambani, Soren's image Vs. Soren's 3 MPs wanting to be ministers, Gowda's image Vs. his own greed, Telengana Vs. AP Congress long as their small time feuds are even temporarily shown as settled, they would support any global power to set-up anything anywhere. Nuclear deal doesn't mean anything to them. 'I don't know much about it', says Amar Singh about the Nuclear deal, in one of his numerous interviews that has suddenly crowded our public space with all its podgy dramatics, I am sure Deva Gowda, Shibu Soren, Mulayam Yadav and Chandrasekhar are no better aware of it. If they can get the centre to help settle their local scores, they will go anywhere to support it to do anything. Small chieftains across India sold their local kingdoms to settle small scores with Clive's help and the rest is in our history books. As far as the PM goes, while he waits the G8 sidelines, all these people and their petty rivals are 'expandable', they can sell their souls to hell for settling their rivalry scores today and the consequences can wait while they gloat in their transient victories.

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