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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Singh comes up with unexpected revival plan for Western Economies: India will help revitalise NAM!

In its best times, Non-Aligned movement was a movement of pygmy have-nots flaunting their non-existent triceps to the global giants from the pavement while gawking and window shopping all the time.

Now, the prime minister says India will 'help' to revive the NAM. Singh has a sense of humour though, his statement clearly states that NAM is a moral high horse which India thinks it is no longer a part of (having ascended other horses meanwhile, I suppose). He says, 'India will play its part in helping NAM to regain its moral high ground'.

And why do we need to do that? says our prathan manthri who as the current biggest nuclear client is enjoying the hospitality of one of the vendor countries.

He says that NAM will now, '...address issues which are of direct concern and relevance to developing countries such as
- sustainable development (for which we demand 'technology transfer' forever),
- climate change (for which we demand 'technology transfer' again),
- food security (for which we demand food imports, suck up to technologies and seek loans),
- energy security (for which we will sign nuclear deals and seek more technology transfer),
- terrorism (which we get exported to us without asking for it any way and buy arms to counter) and reform of the architecture of international governance (whatever that means),” anything else left that can be 'non-aligned'?

Each of these issues and the way we address them will turn to the same vendors forever. Won't be surprised if Singh is very soon given grand honour by the western nations for coming up with such unexpected revival plans for their economies.

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