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Saturday, October 03, 2009

the best Indian possible…

It is safe to be away from television, not read the news papers beyond the initial glance in the morning and never bother to participate in the circus of Gandhi remembrance and celebration. I tried.  But, the invasive world doesn’t leave one alone, there were two tele conversations with friends and several mails where he popped up.  So, the thoughts on him and the need to think them.

Gandhi, represents one of the best manifestation of the Indian Civilization. He did that by a process of understanding, analysis, assimilation and constant innovation within the situations he found himself in. There is a part of Gandhi in each one of us born in this civilization and every one of us have it in us to surpass him several times in our life time. Surpass him not in terms of accomplishments or innovation, that is not necessary. But, in terms of the Indian character manifest through our lives.

‘How can we be the best an Indian can be?’ is a question. This needs an understanding of what is the best in Indian. The incentives and enticements for Indians not to discover what is best about themselves are rather high today. But, the majority believe in some aspect of this ‘Indian-ness’, it could come from their vocation, tradition, culture, art, religion, sense of quality, meditation or intense action. Its understanding is growth. It could remain at the level of the vocation, tradition, culture, religion…or it could transcend to that of the civilization. Not to differentiate or decry other civilizations, but, to understand that we are different. Today, the world could do with several of the better manifestations of India or Indian-ness. Gandhi is just one well recognized brand name of this manifestation.

Oct 2nd, 2009

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