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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Save Jairam Ramesh, Sack Pawar!

A handful of Scientists 'disheartened' and Pawar is 'worried', 14000 farmers committed suicide and he was busy organizing cricket! 

Should he be called the 'Cricket Minister' instead of Agriculture Minister has been a critic for long. But, increasingly he seems to represent the scientist corporate lobby rather the interest of any farmer in this country. Sharad Pawar, if anyone has to go from his Ministry (read the compelling story of why this man should not be Indian Agriculture Minister in Tehelka, March 2010) he has several reasons. 

But, just as the clouds gather over the re-election of Jairam Ramesh from a Rajya Sabha seat in Andhra Pradesh (earlier blog entry), Pawar has to add his bit to the possible exit of Ramesh with a statement that is even more ridiculous coming from a man who never visited the farmer suicide belt in his own state for a decade in which 14,000+ farmers committed suicide (watch the video as part of 'the world according to Monsanto')!!

1 comment:

Iniyaal said...

Shard pawar seems to be very far away from the ground rality of agriculture in India. I really wodner at tiems what convinces our country's current top brass to continue with him as the agri minister.

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