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Sunday, January 09, 2011

the worst ever government of India?

what a state we are in today -

Kapil Sibal, the Min. for Science & Tech till the other day is busy picking holes (or knocking a few as though it matters) with another government accounting body (CAG)

Chidambaram, the Home Minister, is wondering about how the Fin. Ministry will bring down inflation, while

Sharad Pawar, the Min for Food (when he doesnt do Cricket) is advising the Min. for Environment as to why environment unfriendly food should be permitted,

Jairam Ramesh, the Min. for Environment is telling Min. for Ext Affairs, why they are wrong in policy towards China,

and Pranab Mukherji, Min. of Finance (and self-appointed moral headmaster of India), is busy informing the Prime Minister, why he would not do what the PM does,

while all this happens, Prime Minister, considered by all as Mr. Clean  is busy trying to defend the ex-Minister responsible for perhaps the biggest scam in the world!

All of these people are making these statements on others' departments through the press, wonder if they ever meet as a Cabinet and discuss anything at all? meanwhile they all collectively complain of the opposition stalling the Parliament, what would these people talk in parliament if they can't talk to their own cabinet colleagues directly??

The Human Rights Commission Chairman was a Judge who faces charges of corruption during his Judicial day (but refuses to resign), while a honest man who fought for human rights is charged with sedition and given life sentence (Binayak Sen); the Vigilance Commissioner earlier as a bureaucrat got co-opted into the big scam, however refuses to resign as he is sure to be more vigilant now!

CBI is the investigating body that every one wants to utilize, and CBI is the agency no one wants to believe either! The IT and Enforcement department taps phones and these are leaked by whom no one knows. Files with information from other (CWG) departments supposedly disappear meanwhile, and, no one knows where. IT department knows a commission was paid in a defence transaction and CBI has closed investigation on the same because they couldn't find it! CBI doesn't know where is Anderson, television channels know.

Even what the Ministers say to the media, may not be reproduced in full! we don't know for whose sake the media prints anything any longer, the popular joke is, 'do you work for the media or do you work for radia?' and Radias of the world work for Tatas and Reliances. Tata thinks that his talk on coats and ties being leaked is a violation of human rights, but,  no one who has discussed about several hundred crores of money being exchanged feel that the leaking of their conversation is violation of any of their rights!!! while, the Corporate houses compete to control the politicians, the agriculture minister registers his political party as a corporate in USA and no one thinks something is wrong about it!!!

is this the worst ever central government we have? can it get worse than this?? should we thank Pranab Mukherji for the suggestion (well, he issued it as  a moral threat as is his wont) that the government should go for a mid-term poll and put a stop to this mediocre and headless existence???

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