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Thursday, March 17, 2011

how much more shit?

The 2G spectrum someone blew a whistle 3 years ago, the PM didn't notice, it visited in all dirtiness last year end thanks to Radiaa tapes and a court order, so, he relents...still some how maintains he is 'clean'

The CVC appointment, the leader of opposition gives an information, the PM chooses to ignore, later the same is quashed by a court order, so, he says 'I take the responsibility', great, but, does it make him better? 'clean?'

Now the WiKiLeaks reveals that when the Left opposed him and pulled out the support, he actually 'bought' the votes, (if we remember, the Left has been forever rubbished based on this pull out and Congress converted the winning of the vote of confidence to a national referendum on nuclear policy, irony that this leak occurs after another nuclear leak in other part of the world raises question about our nuclear safety) and would he still get written about as the 'clean' PM?

whose PM is he any way??

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