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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mobile Phone tower woes...

Precautionary principle has been evoked by at least one government 'expert committee', in this case on the dangers caused by indiscriminate mobile phone towers springing up all over our city and rural landscape in the last decade. Earlier this year, Tehelka had recorded in different parts of the country the rather high radiation caused by mobile phone towers, way above the recommended limit (in some cases several times more). Now the expert committee that has done a preliminary study of existing material on the impact of mobile phones has in its introductory note states that our recommended limit itself is at times 100 times more than 'safe limits' in some other parts of the world, indicating exponential hazard status of our cities! and these are the cities where P. Chidambaram wants many more millions rural people to migrate into!! 

Recommendation and Conclusion includes:

Microwave and radiofrequency pollution appears to constitute a potential cause for the decline of animal populations and deterioration of health of plants and
humans living near radiation sources such as phone masts. Studies have indicated the significant non-thermal long-term impacts of EMFs on species, especially at genetic level which can lead to various health complications including brain tumours (glioma), reduction in sperm counts and sperm mobility, congenital deformities, Psychiatric problems (stress, ringxity, sleep disorders, memory loss etc.) and endocrine disruptions. However similar aspects are yet to be studied
among animal populations.

Well-designed long-term impact assessment studies would be required to monitor the impact of ever-increasing intensities of EMRs on our biological environment. Meanwhile the
precautionary principle should prevail and we need to better our standards on EMF to match the best in the world.

Studies on impact of Cell phone tower radiation on Birds and wildlife are almost nonexistent from India. There is an urgent need for taking up well designed studies to look into this aspect.

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