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Saturday, May 12, 2012

cartoon on ambedhkar & nehru...

not just old cartoons, iconic figures, their representations of all kinds in media, generalized histories, approved historiography, frameworks of presentation, their foundational philosophies...all will be challenged in an era where identities are still given privileges and protection of identities at any cost means assurance of   privileges...the shrinking 'space' for free expression was artificial to begin with, it was privilege too enjoyed by a we see that the space has to be shared with 'others' and the 'others' don't approve of what we think is 'free'! so?

are we willing to practice 'inclusiveness' and 'freedom' sans identities? permit a group of people to walk over whatever is sacred for you and decide that the mineral under your house is more valuable than your sense of sacredness? to have someone construct polluting industries in your front yard because the nation needs energy? to usurp your primary resource of livelihood and dole out a few rupees every day, call it 'social security' and exchange your 'free' identity for a 'numbered' identity?

when will we learn that to replace an identity of oppression with another 'benevolent' sounding one will not rid the problem, genuine equality through a newer economic and ecological thought only can provide people genuine sense of security and sense of humour.

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