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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

opinion poll...

so there seems to be some problems for some political parties with opinion polls...looks like those who feel it will not favour them and hasten the obvious, want to wait till people actually slap them with their votes...don't know how much they can save themselves pain by delaying a decision by a few days (if not weeks)...if they feel that is not the reason and anywhich way the opinion poll is rigged, then they don't have to worry. diggy babu says that 'you can buy a opinion poll result', but, he should know, his govt. has made everything purchasable at a right price...sometimes it is a few hundred crores and other times a few thousand crores...and the best joke is NCP stating that opinion polls should be 'objective', these are politicos from a state where they embed journalists, sponsor poll-time news stories, proclaim how much (more than what is permitted by Election Commission) it costs to fight an election... you know we will have requests from political parties to set-up an 'independent, objective, opinion poll survey committee'!! then the committee can have representatives from all regions, castes, all parties, all religions...

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