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Monday, July 21, 2014

globalized diverse forms of hatred...

in recent weeks there seems to be a resurgence of hatred that is spread through the globalized media and mediums of communication and information exchange.

that these hatred are being seeded not through doctrines or ideologies, but, through actions of violence and its interpretations that spread faster than the viral music online is a wonder.

the generalized interpretation of all forms of violence and its unnecessary global perpetration, is not desired and indeed resisted. while fears are globalized, interpretations are localized, we see the enemy we want and the victim we want in our interpretations.

several mass acts of violence has permeated our world almost as though the lull of the few years post Saddam was a deception and to think the Abottobad incident brought to an end the era of fanatical violence seems to be a long distant dream we cannot even clearly recollect. the moment is ripe to stop all war and talk the voice of peace, however, nothing seems farthest.

'intelligent reports' seem to be no longer secretive, being first available online and circulated in social media long before the intended recipient even gets to view it. one wonders if there is now a Department for Drafting & Leaking "Intel Reports" as a means of building public mood. no one anyway validates or verifies any information despite all the information sources being available and several ways of validation being made possible.

when someone hates a particular enemy, he fears even the smallest 'advancement' or 'achievement' of the enemy. when someone fears an enemy, he develops enough hatred to use any weapon available at his disposal to eliminate his fear.unfortunately most times the fear and the enemy are made synonymous.

 'weapons of mass destruction' are undesirable in the hands of the enemy even as they seem to be most desirable in the hands of our own people or friends. the increasing cost of global budgets for researching, manufacturing, procuring, storing, managing and delivering these weapons will be again on the raise as societies and communities already feeling vulnerable with the globalized economy will grab these to 'protect' themselves.

neither nation states nor ideologies seem to be driving this period of flux, it seems to be driven rather by the violent technology, its usage and its application and global trade. such is the blatant mass violence industry that it produces the nation it wants and ideologies that suit its commercial interest.

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