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Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Minister Giriraj exposes another deep bias Indians have...and we hush it rather than address it

Nigeria condemns Giriraj's 'racist remark' against Sonia Gandhi, Nigerians


Don't hush or shame what Minister Giriraj has said, address it. 

Fairness creams sales grows at alarming rates across the country.

Recently someone remarked that 'every dark skinned actor who has entered films has gradually become fair skinned'.

Every second television advertisement on fair skin ascribes everything from low self-esteem, not being selected for a job to being rejected by the opposite sex all to the colour of skin.

It is a known fact that reality shows often reject people based on their skin colour in this country.

It is also a known fact that our Governments, Ministers, Academicians all have a certain love to be seen in the company and ape the fair skinned people of the world.

What Minister Giriraj has said is a deep seated Indian prejudice based on the colour of the skin, don't hush him as stating something out of turn alone, that it may be and he owes an apology to Nigerians. But, he has stated a fact that is deep malaise in this society.


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