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Friday, July 21, 2017

Speed and not Speedbreaker kills!

"9 people die of speed breakers every day, so, we will remove speed breakers in Highways", says the Highways Minister in the Parliament according to this report.
According to the NCBR data, there are 9 road accidents that kill 3 people every 10 minutes during the same period. the National Highways have 33% of the fatal road accidents happening in them and the state highways have more than 28% fatal accidents happening in them. out of which 41% is due to overspeeding and 32% due to rash driving.
Tamilnadu ranks highest in terms of fatal road accidents in the country and needs to worry about the removal of the remaining barriers for rash driving in the highways. During the same year the car sales went up by 11% in the country and the high end motorbike (the high speed ones) went up anywhere between 8% to 54%!!

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