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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Politicians Who refuse to be House Tamed

The Politicians Who Spring Surprises and Refuse to be House Tamed Uma Bharathi, Lallu Yadav, earlier Devi Lal...if you are willing to ignore their methods at times, these are the few original characters we have in Indian politics who keen their followers and the nation surprised. They are also ordinary mortals, making similar mistakes, having similar feelings like the rest of us. They are not the manna from heaven who descended on earth to salvage the heathen Indians as many others would want us to believe. I still remember a picture of Devi lal (who was once a Deputy Prime Minister and missed becoming the PM by a whisker) urinating in a wall in haryana during his election campaign. That picture said a lot about the person.

Uma Plans Protest 'Padyatra'- The Times of India

In the book "Yes Minister" a term is used about Ministers, "House Tamed". These are minister who are held on a leash by the bureaucracy. I guess people Uma, Lallu and Devi Lal seem to have defied house taming in India. They take us by surprises and bureaucracy cannot handle surprises, does not promote initiative and cannot palate too much creative thinking in their ministers unless of course it is tutored by them.

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