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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Why can't we wear tri-color underpants??

Prevention of Insults to National Honour (Amendment) Bill, 2005

It is not officially permitted to wear the tri-colour above your waist as part of your attire says the Government. Strange, I thought that the cricket field has long since abandoned this. Haven't we seen footages of repeatedly spectators wearing the tri-colour around their waist, use it as a seat in the case of dirty chairs, and many such utilitarian purposes!?

If improperly using tri-colour is punishable, the government of India should conduct free camps across the country on how to fly the national flag right side up, to begin with tell a few people which is the right side. We are subjected year after year of watching in our government offices flying it upside down on the independence day.

While on that, the government should also perhaps spend some money to teach people how to sing the National anthem with some semblance of understanding and pride, I was shocked last year to be in a government function where (it is a routine to play prayer and national anthem by the audio system) when the audio system failed not more than a few could murmur the national anthem and that too all wrong. It is a national shame that the government is so bent on protection of a the tri-colour and national symbols through regulation and protection acts, but, fails to instruct and educate people as to how should they use it.

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