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Thursday, January 05, 2006

will we shut down parliament along with arrack shops on oct 2nd?

what is the mistake of the members caught accepting payment, accepting money or unfortunately getting caught accepting it?

why hasn't it occurred to anyone to ask the rest of the MPs (who weren't unfortunate enough to get caught in camera) how much of such payments are an accepted practice in the parliament? what other forms of favours are accepted and acceptable for asking questions in parliament?

the parliament is the talk house of the country, everyone spends much money to get elected to reach the parliament, so, if they accept money to do talking there, how is it different from the policemen accepting 'rishwath' after they pay a large sum getting into the police force? why should the MPs be debarred whereas all the police man gets even if caught red-handed is a mild suspension or a transfer order?

what did these MPs actually achieve by raising the said questions in the parliament? did these questions affect any national interest? if so what? can there be a balance sheet at the end of each session of parliament to see how many questions were asked, what was discussed, what was achieved and who contributed towards these?

there seems to be different amounts involved, can the investigation come up with some kind of menu card of what maybe the possible payments for which type of questions, for future reference of general public interested in getting questions asked in Parliament?

why not maintain an on-line bidding for the parliament time. anyway much work is lost in some group protesting or the other, why not have the banner of some company or other displayed in the background when the parliament is not doing business and the speaker does his usual routine of trying to calm down parties, at least like the cricketing board that way the parliament too can legitimise the money coming in and perhaps set-up a MP benefit fund. Later on display in the parliament, display in the dresses of MPs and eventually for the questions and discussions can also be contributed.

the parliament may even beat the BCCI as the largest funded sports body in the world, we may even get to see more clean shaven MPs, well dressed women MPs and a more watchable parliament news in DD with perhaps 2-3 expert commentators and sponsorship for the same.

Gandhiji called the parliament as a prostitute. so would we as a mark of tribute to the father of the nation, also shut down parliament (atleast now that it has been proved in camera) along with the arrack shops on October 2nd??


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