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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Are we a nation of educated crooks?

Here are some recent findings on the corrupt status of the World

The Indian fraud figures are given below (some relates news items are here 1, 2, 3)

  • Fraud is an ever growing phenomenon with 54% of the respondent organisations from India reporting economic crime in the last two years as compared to 24% in the previous survey
  • Most prevalentnt economic crime experienced in the country is Counterfeiting followed by Corruption & Bribery
  • A typical perpetrator of economic crime in India was a graduate or post graduate male between 31-50 years of age
  • Most of the respondents initiated an internal investigation in response to the offence
  • Only 18% of the respondents consider it likely to come across fraud in the near future

    There is certainly an increase in the white collar crimes all around. Were educated Indians always like this? Then what is wrong with their education that they resorfraudulentulant practices so frequently.

    It is said that in early India the traditional police gave had to locate property lost through robbery within a stipulated time and if it was not found, they would replace it with their own property. A Britisher first encountering this system in India in the 19th century writes to his brother in London, saying that such a system could only work among a society with high integrity and it cannot even be imagined in London of those days.

    How could such a society change within a 200 year period so drastically? Is our education system devoid of ethics so much that as soon as an Indian youth finds himself in position to manage some funds, he / she resorts to such fpracticectics. If so, is it not the duty of our educationists to think seriously of this. While we prepare more cheap-skill-labourer girmatiyas for the ITES corporations, it is important that we also understand the quality of people who will manage these corporations. Are we o.k. with a nation of corporatised educated crooks???

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