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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Further on Cola Trial: Now, Ramadoss says no clean chit to colas

Here is further to the Cola trials...many educational institutions across the country seem to have banned the soft drinks on their own, apart from the 6 states that have taken a stand and Kerala which leads through its comprehensive ban on both production and marketing. One of the pro-Cola company report in a news paper indicates that as Kerala consumes less than 2% of soft drinks it is no loss to the company any way (implies - 'and only the loss for the state').

Now, Ramadoss says no clean chit to colas: "Recalling his statement in Parliament, Ramadoss said that notwithstanding the CSE's report, his Ministry has lifted about 214 samples throughout the country and were being tested in Central laboratories.
He said his Ministry has invited CSE Director Sunita Narain and her group of experts to the Health Ministry for a threadbare discussion with experts in the Ministry.
Ramadoss said that 500 more samples of soft drinks would be lifted from different parts of the country for testing.
An expert committee of the Ministry said on Tuesday not only did the sampling lack scientific and statistically valid results, the CSE report also did not provide details required for the confirmatory interpretation of quantum results."

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