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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Follow-up on the Cola trial

Who is the real enemy of the health care of people of India?...not the Cola companies nor the government of their land that issued vague threats on the 'temporary' set-back on FDI (they better not get into any long term set-back, their corporates are salivating for cheap labour and massive markets), it is Anbumanai Ramdoss and the babudom denizens of the health ministry. A committee set-up to explore the CSE (how does a committee come to be so fast, conduct test and pronounce results in a matter of less than a month within a ministry that cannot promise health for all in this country in almost sixty years of its existence is a wonder) report, has done what the Cola companies wanted it to do, rubbish the report and not say anything about what will the Colas do to the health of ordinary Indians. Cheap!

Interestingly, Anbumanai Ramdoss's his wife edits and publishes a tamil environmental monthly that among other issues had carried the earlier expose of CSE, and even ran a campaign on that issue, but, then he was in the opposition. Cheap twice over!!
The government on Tuesday gave a clean chit to beleaguered soft drink giants Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Health minister Anbumani Ramadoss told Parliament that an expert committee, set up by his ministry, found no evidence of high levels of pesticides in carbonated drinks as alleged by NGO Centre for Science and Environment. The minister said the committee — headed by additional DG, health services, Dr D Kanungo — has held that presence of pesticides like Malathion, Heptachlor and Chlorpyrifos residue in colas was doubtful. It also felt many crucial details needed to confirm the presence of high levels of pesticides were not submitted by the CSE to the ministry, thereby "making it inadequate to reach a conclusion." Ramadoss added that blah-blha-blah.... "Scientific validation requires collaborative work ...," the committee said...

There you go, the babus have pronounced and the minister bleats! and all is well with the public health!! lets go to the nearest outlet and drink our cokes!!! The statement about scientific validation requiring colloborative work is interesting, whom are these people colloborating like they say elsewhere, 'left to speculation'...Thank God, we have CSE!

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