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Sunday, August 20, 2006

News Comment: Coca-Cola `surprised' at guarantees case against it

The Hindu Business Line : Coca-Cola `surprised' at guarantees case against it

The cola war goes on...why doesn't any one ask the fundamental question to the Cola companies:

1. Do the Colas provide any nutritive value - NO
2. Are they healthy - NO
3. Are they rejuvenate or will they cure any disorders (of which we have plentiful in this country) - NO
4. Have these companies lied and have been caught - YES (read the complete story
5. Have they proved themselves against the poor of India (for whom every political heart bleeds) - YES (read all about Plechimada here)
6. Have they promoted any value that is positive and /or beneficial to the society at large or the country in general - NO
7. Have they created any asset in this country that can be utilized by any other industry for their betterment or the country's betterment - NO (the two major cola companies they systematically took over or marginalised and eliminated all other carbonated beverages)
8. Have they created any 'knowledge' (we are supposed to be getting into a knowledge economy, society and future) that the country and its citizens can value or be proud of - NO (except if you consider the 'knowledge' of how pop-corn and cola can be consumed together from the same cup so that your hands are free for other things as valuable)
9. Have they created wealth to the country and country people - NO (except if one were to consider the artists and cricketers who endorse their products most of whom cannot be considered Indians)
10. Have they made the chances of India better in adopting to the MDG or in making the Environment 'Sustainable'? - NO (President Bush cited India as one of the large carbon emitters when he refused to ratify the Kyoto protocol, but, has anyone done an 'energy audit' on the amount of carbon emission that India can save if only these two major Cola's from Bush country were to stop operations in India, maybe we will earn more revenue through carbon credits if we stop that much emission today!!).

Fundamental Questions, 'fundas'! as we call in Chennai is what needs to be put before the Cola Giants, not because they care or would respond, but, because we need to remind ourselves that there are fundas more funda than the cola-funda they try to teach us where the only long term vision is for us to become their loyal consumers!

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