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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Choice for the Left and the future of N-Deal!?

What is preferable - on the 'right' of America or a 'right' India?  This seems to be the CPI-M dilemma. Never given to project their own leaders as leader for the nation, they have unnecessarily created the 3rd front that will scatter votes, make even more regional, small sectarian, narrow minded political entities feel important and may eventually contribute towards a post-poll situation which would be no different from the last few times.

In a loud and self-righteous media environment, no one has posed this question to the Left yet, what is preferable for them, what is their choice. Karat and his team need to spell out whether they will side with BJP to ensure the end of the Nuclear Deal or will they go back to the old Congress in a post-poll situation giving up the Nuclear issue forever? Can they demand a different face to lead a Congress Government? Can they get the N-deal re-examined? Or will they wait and watch the group they put together be weaned through 'negotiations' in a post-poll situation by either of the two main parties while they hold their moral high and sit in the opposition for another 5 years by when the public would have forgotten the N-deal and anyway we will be too far into it to pull out?? the BJP has promised a 're-examination' of the N-Deal, whatever that means, but, would the Left side with them and provide outside support?

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