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Sunday, May 03, 2009

HINDU's politics and Faceless 'Eminent Historian'

Since this post, I see that others have also noticed this article by HINDU and CPS has formally responded to the same. A detailed rebuttal organized neatly is available at the blog Non-Random Thoughts by Jayasree Saranathan. 

Why would a national daily carry deep inside its Sunday edition a rebuttal to the preamble of a political party's manifesto? 

I had earlier in this blog reviewed the BJP manifesto (link), in which I had mentioned about the preamble which looks like it has been written by someone with more scholarship and better writing abilities than those who have written the remaining parts of it. It goes under the name of Dr. MM Joshi. However, the academic contentions on some of the facts mentioned, long laid to rest through the research of quite a few people, including Dharampal , seems to have hit  supposed 'eminent historians' enough (what if BJP manages to come to power?) for them to have raised questions. Actually, the piece does not raise any questions, just, negates each of the points with responses that look silly. It is pedestrian rhetoric in the name of 'eminent history' that could only gain scholarly currency under HINDU's partisan indulgences. 

It is ironic that this nonsense writing  has appeared in crude and silly manner on the same edition where there is a scholarly piece on Indic script by Dr. Iravadam Mahadevan.  

The timing of this piece, its amateurishness and its crudity are self explanatory and does not even warrant a response in specifics. The HINDU's true colours come out in the last para again. I could think of 3 names that could have authored this and can easily escape under the 'eminent historians' tag, however, wonder which of these has enough cowardice to not put his/her name out. 

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