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Friday, October 30, 2009

Judicial Casteism?

The Madras High Court had come up with couple of rulings on quashing of 'community ( read caste) courts' in the state at different instances in the last few years. But, if their ruling on the clashes within the High Court is any indication the Judges are no better in their clan mindset.

In a one sided judgement they have blamed police officers for the violence within the High Court clashes earlier this year. It is unfortunate that respected Police Officers like ex-Commissioner, Radhakrishnan have been named by the Court in an effort to protect and appease its own lawyers. The Judiciary has taken a partisan view on this issue from the first day onwards (my posts on this issue in February are available at 'Eggs for Swami and No Law for Lawyers' and 'Lawyers, Lawless Courts and Understanding the Growing Anger') was evident. But, it would have been wiser had the Judges (thank god, for a few sensible ones, otherwise I need to prefix 'honourable' to refer to them each time) realized the pressures with which both the Lawyers and Police Officers were functioning at that time. It is bad professional upbringing of the Lawyers that makes them behave with so much violence, for the Police, the response is what they are trained for. It should have also been recognized that the whole thing took place in the background of state-wide anger on the Srilankan Tamil issue and the lawyers forum had been frustrated with a series of unsuccessful efforts before this transpired.

I wonder what would have been the ruling if some Caste Court had decided to take on the Police and torched a police station in the process, would the court say that the caste group should 'rise up to the glory of their public image' (utter delusion in the case of lawyers if any) and leave them free? The loyalty to their own clan is very evident in the judgement. I find this leading to a new form of casteism, the caste of judiciary bonded by the common knowledge and authority of Law.

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