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Sunday, January 24, 2010

State of Republic 60 years later...

Buying Peace with WMD is another title.

The Republic nation is in conflict with its own citizens like never before. The war rhetoric that can be drummed by outside powers, can occupy the minds of our government and can deafen them to the basic rights plea of our own people.

The paranoia of insecurity whether it be in food, energy or border issue can be named by the perpetrators of 'solutions' and our government can believe them without adequate thought or vision.

Our perceptions are on sale through the visual media, our rights are on sale for a wee-bit more of FDI, our life style is on sale in urban centres of living, our children are on sale for the education factories, our best minds are on sale for sustaining someone else's profit, our lands and rivers are on sale for washing and retaining others' synthetics, our lives cannot be sold, because the majority of us are so poor, we will fetch no price unless sold in the sixtieth year of Republic, we sell our votes, not as a mark of protest to the republic, but, to be part of a national culture, a culture that is most practiced by the State.

If the State thinks stocking more WMDs is way to Peace, selling votes is no less valid way to practice Republic.

However, the promise and potential remains because, the young still learn their mother tongue at home, learn a few peaceful traditions in society, pride in communities, aesthetics in culture and some understanding through religion. These have existed despite the State's best efforts to destroy them. Our Republic will survive if these don't give up on the State. 

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