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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bt Brinjal: A Robert Clive arrives...will we commit the blunder of our ancestors??

It is said that when Robert Clive marched into the streets of Calcutta, there were just a few hundred white soldiers marching in with him, while several thousands watched them marching in from the road side.  Though armed and aided, if only each of those had thrown a stone on the invading murderers, Indian history could be different today, say our historians.

Aided by twisted authority and Powered with Money, Bt Brinjal is about to invade our midst, will we remain the mute spectators our ancestors were? Do we have the courage to act in our own small way and say 'no' to this mindless technology and meaningless product?

Several civil society organizations have forged alliance to jointly say 'No, we don't want Bt Brinjal or any GMOs for India', indicating that this is no longer a issue of farmer or technocrat alone, but, also the issue for every citizen and consumer.

Do whatever you can, attend the consultations if you happen to be living in any of the towns where it is happening. Write a letter to mark your protest, sign a petition, get others to sign, talk to neighbours, friends, un-friends, strangers...tell people that this is a time to act or history will never forgive us, just like we will never forgive those sods who watched Clive walk in awestruck and didn't think it was their right to do something and act.

Don't wait and be a victim, better act today and say 'no' to all GMOs, including the bt Brinjal.

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