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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

UID and salary hike of MPs

...but, the allowance (they being elected and not eligible for a salary I presume) of our Members of Parliament has been raised from Rs.17,000/- to Rs.60,000/- and the MPs have been demanding that they be paid more than the Cabinet Secretary, which is Rs. 80,000/-

i think it is sad that these MPs should be paid so less, maybe they should be paid Re.1 per vote for the number of votes they secured, so, some would take a few lakh more than others, but, they were voted by that many people. we will have rich and poor MPs. but, the accountable factor ought to be left in the hands of the voter. what if i use the unique id (UID) Mr. Nilakeni bestows me to say that I don't want to pay my Rs.1/- to my MP? then the payment is directly linked to the support the MP sustains. it would be a kind of share market with a difference. the MPs can only sustain their salaries by openly doing something to their constituency, the less they do, the more people are dissatisfied, the less they take home. each month people can register the performance of their MPs (and maybe also MLAs?) by swiping the plastic UID in their local kiosk and hit the 'I continue to support Mr. blah-blah with my Re.1/-' (perhaps a green circle around the MPs face as against the red one around the MPs face? some parts of India may have a special option of a black one also just in case someone want's to do mukh kaala).  one rupee per green click, this service will become the largest accountability exercise in the world (and several thousand man hours of back office generated in the process). imagine about a billion and more clicks per month, the entire infrastructure and bandwidth required can be recovered by the Ads. placed by the companies on top of the MPs face! there could be localized advertisements for the constituency! maybe even the advertisement of the competitor on top asking people to click red and promising better performance, if (s)he is elected!! Google may consider this as a free service if it estimates the advertising potential!!

C'mon Mr. Nilakeni why not dare to imagine a different India? a more accountable one and use the UID to serve something better than what the earlier duplicate ration cards and duplicate voter Ids have served!!

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