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Saturday, September 18, 2010

awaiting a judgement...of a decision foregone!

since the promise of the Ram Mandir a decade and more back, about a 100,000 farmers have committed suicide, we don't even now have a policy or a government that is sympathetic towards their cause, tribal lands across the country seems to be under siege by the Nation State itself, in the name of caste, young couples are killed almost every week, one state burns for couple of decade and continues with or without external forces stoking the fire...should there be another temple or mosque or should we erect a monument of national shame?

the babri masjid judgement from Allahabad expected in a few days will not decide anything. a local issue to begin with, that people of two faiths wanted to resolve on their own, that was hijacked and kept alive by a  new form of hypocrite politics (Congress holds the monopoly for the old form), an issue that has been sustained by successive generation of politically ambitious septuagenarians, is seen by several as another possible occasion for publicity stunt now.

babri masjid - ram mandir is not a place nor an event, both of which the court may stamp its words the coming week. it is a process of a dialogue choked, a dialogue that could have resolved issues, instead, hijacked, abused, mutilated...a dialogue that brought to the fore unnamed people leaders with confidence and faith in a dialogue process, but, then the politicians came along and the media and both took over and handed the issue to the judiciary and the bureaucracy at the cost of the ordinary person. now the politician and the media both stand in silence and ask the ordinary people to have faith in the legal apparatus to deliver justice!

babri-masjid was the beginning of an end of a process of dialogue, a dialogue that an ever optimist citizen sustains despite facing spite and stymie. a nation state can recognize the process and strengthen it or shrink from its responsibility, push a flaccid  judiciary as impotent defence scaffold supported by violence against its own people. the judgement seen as another step in a dialogue process or possibility could lead to peace, of ordinary people of different faiths sitting across the table in a million places across the land, to dialogue if only the police will not charge on them, seeing every crowd as sign of disturbance!

dialogue amongst people can resolve and lead to peace, dialogue is a political tool of control for a State, meant as a palliative and doomed indecisive. the decision on the masjid was made at the time the people gave up and the State took over, the judgement will be a statement of incompetence, will be celebrated by the State and the Media and the ordinary citizen will go about hoping all this will die down soon and she can start another dialogue process of peace yet again.

...and a week later, the State and the Media will shamelessly parrot, 'ishwar-allah-tere-naam sabuko-sanmati-de-bhagwan' to reminiscence a Man whose spirit personified the dialogue of peace.

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