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Friday, September 21, 2012

Please Retire Mr. PM

How many times and how many places people have voiced their opposition to the continuance of this government and its head, Mr. Manmohan Singh. The UPA II has reduced every policy introduction into an openly broadcast arm-twisting negotiation tactic. If for one policy it was giving someone a berth in the cabinet for another it was silently dropping active pursuit of a case against have written about this.

The reasons are obvious, no self-respecting leader of people can support many of the policies that has been pushed through by UPA II. The permission of  major stakes in retail for FDI is case. The worry is not about re-entry of foreign national corporates in higher control over what our consumers get in the market alone, it is about the amount of bending backwards every department of this government will do to accommodate such an entry by FDI, the slavery of the mind.

The promotion of a kind of slavery to alien forces has been the biggest issue against the UPA II government. From the time of his Oxford speech in which he offered a 'better welcome' till his latest choice of decision of having to invoke the FDI in retail as proof of his non-active state of being for too long. This among several decisions that make more sense to people in this country.

For someone who started off as a bureaucrat with a academic background and international exposure, he was alien to the Indian condition to begin with, then to go ahead and never fight an election in the country for a long time and continue to get elected in the Upper House, exhibited an attitude of someone who had very little patience to get involved in the people processes and the same attitude has continued in his choice of colleagues and bosses with whom he is willing to work. From standing table to the G5 nations to implying to the NAM that 'we' will provide aid to poorer countries, the enslavement of the mind and its continued pre-occupation with the western for of 'economic development' has been obvious.

The issue of corruption hasn't affected him as much as having to ensure Nuclear Bill to safe guard the American interest, while he kept protecting the colleagues with corruption charges, he was willing to give-up his government for the sake of the Nuclear bill. A few lakh farmers have committed suicide in the last decade, the pesticide residues in food, pollutants in water and radiation in air has grown alarmingly in the last decade, however, the government has consistently managed to divert the life impacting issues and held the conscience of the nation to ransom through its intellectual gymnastics with development indicators. Whether it is the rate of development, measure of development, poverty or measure of corruption, the PM and his acolytes have shown off their different versions and displayed immense capacity to be absorbed by the absurd. Obviously, the biggest beneficiaries have been the talk show news television channels which needs daily dose of such verbal dysentery to keep them in business.

From the coastal Tamilnadu village of Koodankulam to the tribal parts of Orissa, Chattisgargh, Jharkand to the gangetic region up in the Himalayas, people movements have spread, seeking the assertion of the local sense of safety, sanctity and security and the consistent attack by those whose aggregated understanding of the Nation in terms of reduced numbers has been a propels them to only seek alien, centralized, technological solutions of reductionist nature which doesn't fit any single part of the nation leave alone its collective intelligence.

What happens if this contraption goes and who will replace them is a mute question as a senior friend and activist commented recently, "this one has to go", Mr. Prime Minister, please relinquish the post and leave the place for someone better. You can still leave a mark in the long Indian history by choosing to quit now rather than continue your pain. Please retire Mr. PM.

I am writing this as there is a built-up speculation of what Mr. PM will say during his sudden address to the Nation to talk down to us on how we should accept retailers from other countries and it is good for us. I am not sure what he will say, but, the thought of him making a special appearance for this purpose is itself in bad taste. 

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