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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

will the urban indian women take the next big step?

the media scenes of the last weeks of 2012 have been dominated by urban indian women, many young ones raising and protesting against the lack of security for themselves in the urban mind-space dominated as it is by the conscious conglomerate of several 'successful' male ventures. 

urban india is male dominant, whether it be lack of public toilets for women, lack of privacy, sensibility or lack of sense of security. 

the urban women upraising as a response to the gang rape in delhi has been the collective voices of victims of severally marginalized. media (and the govt.) would like to reduce the issue to this one off instance - a very male response. to order an inquiry commission, set-up a redressal mechanism, provide compensation and create a window dressing of sorts and move on with their juggernaut of male dominated urban centric politics, where women are reduced to the daughters, daughter-in-laws, wife, fixers, glamour dolls, school teachers, socialites and activists. 

will the most spontaneous response by urban Indian women in a long time succumb to the male politics or are there some women in urban india who will stand centre and demand that they be part of the indian political scene? that women be not just protected by anti-rape laws, but, through respect for their presence and value in society? 

or will they remain forever fleeting news images of 2012?

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