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Thursday, January 22, 2015

BJPs big vote in favour of AAP!

What has been lost in the din of the Delhi election is that the first big vote has already been cast and it is in favour of #AAP and ironically it has come as the choice of the Chief Ministerial candidate by the party for the state election by its main opposition party, the BJP.

The winning of AAP in electoral politics is only part of the AAP story, the winning of the AAP at the level of an idea of 'clean politics' is a much larger victory for those aspiring for a real change in the way we understand and practice Democracy in this country. AAP wins every time any party has to fight the old image of a dealer-contractor-politician image and comes up with clean personalities, people who have had to 'earn' the money and property they own.

The choice of Kiran Bedi, a respectable police officer and for a long time a model for the Indian womenhood is the first big admission and a blatant one by BJP that unless they dip into the Anna brigade, they can't find clean candidates to take on Arvind Kejriwal within their own ranks. They cannot for instance do what Arvind Kejriwal did in Varanasi and make Modi contest against him, or for that matter, they cannot field an Amit Shah or Rajnath Singh or even the Delhiite like Arun Jaitley against Arvind Kejriwal. The don't stand a chance, so, they have looked around and pulled in Kiran Bedi.

 As far as Kiran Bedi is concerned, it is a tough call for her.

  • She cannot continue to subscribe to all those things she did vocally for the last few years as she will be continuously subjected to questions from the media. 
  • She will always be seen with suspicion from within the traditional support base of BJP because she is not a contractor person and will be seen as a hindrance by those who are looking at Delhi electoral gains for their personal gains like most contractor-politicians do. 
  • She cannot be sure that she will be replaced by the Modi - Shah duo as they have a way of discarding people with absolute nonchalance once their usefulness is achieved. So, Kiran Bedi, even if she wins elections - that looks rather unlikely now - may find that she is silently replaced by a more 'loyal' BJP worker in a year or so. She can never sleep trusting she will do what she things she will be permitted to do. 

This is the second time that the BJP has been forced to change the CM candidate in the last minute by the AAP. Even during the earlier Delhi Assembly election, the elevation of Dr. Harshvardhan in the last minute as the CM candidate was primarily because there was much pressure on who will be the BJP candidate and the party couldn't risk having someone with any shades of corruption charges against them. Satish Upadhyaya, the current aspirant has already had the first salvo against him when Arvind Kejriwal did an expose on him. BJPs this lack of confidence in dealing with AAP is in complete contrast with the way they have dealt with all other contractor-politician-party, they know that species better, they know them from inside and can deal with them better. But, AAP is a different species that they are unable to predict. There lies the problem...

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