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Sunday, February 01, 2015

Irony of Delhi Assembly Elections...

Ironies of the Delhi Elections - 

1. In  a city where several party ex-MPs, ex-Ministers squat on their earlier official bungalows for years at end. A honest CM says accepts a place after security considerations become impossible, then asks for a few months extension openly...but, the openness is questioned by those who are used to close door dealings and hushed up accounting!

2. In the national capital, a political party perhaps first time since the time of Gandhi talks of de-centralization, not merely as a vision, but, as a practical idea and we have a self-name-vested-PM actually asking people to vote his party only because, he cannot feel swaraj talkers can be 'accountable' to him

3. We have a respectable women leader propped up as a scapegoat and no policy statement on women's security in a city that has the worst cases of women's security issues and then this same party with no policy mocks at the one other party that has detailed policy statements!

4. We have the irony of another election being fought with ridicule and rhetoric as speech by multi-national contractor parties that can't differentiate between 'business friendly' and dalali, that claim their capacity to repay 'investors' with favourable policies as their USP and who oppose a party that genuinely talks of ridding of bureaucratic sloth and corruption as a way of making the city really business safe

5. We have one party talking to the ordinary people as 'let's do things based on our problems because we are not different from you' and another talking of 'they are not good for you, we are because we have been in other places' to the same ordinary people

6. We have a team - supposedly retrograde - talking about real issues and future and anther - supposed visionary - raking up others' past and seething at the lack of response with personality attacking campaign

7.  A Party supposedly with a national appeal, has as its mainstay campaign material only personality attack and a party which has limited presence outside of Delhi talking of very precise policy  needs of the local community 

8. Party with bottomless money bags at its disposal and clueless how to spend it actually being brought to its wits end by a party where volunteers pay their own money to reach the capital city and camp and campaign for it with their own money

9. A party which gives receipt for every single penny donated being called as a 'back stabber' by the leader of a party which doesn't flinch in going back on its words of bringing black money within a fixed duration from all over the world and gives the same excuse as its predecessor with even more shamelessness

10.  A party leader reducing Mahatma Gandhi to merely cleanliness campaign mascot while wearing multi-lakh suits for other occassions ridiculing the ordinariness of another party leader who wears, walks, travels, talks and breathes like the ordinary people he wants to represent. 

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